The management of the Company consists of 14 executives who possess qualifications in accordance with Public Limited Company Act B.E. 2535 (1992) and relevant notification of the Office of Securities and Exchange Commission, under the following name list.


The executive (as defined by SEC) means Managing Director, or person(s) who holds the position in top four executive level inferior to Managing Director, including every person (s) who hold the positions equivalent to the person who holds the fourth managerial level position, and the person who holds the executive level position in accounting and finance whereas the executive level is the Department manager level and over or equivalent.

Scope of powers, duties and responsibilities of Chief Executive Officer
  1. To be responsible for business operation and day-to-day management of the Company.
  2. To coordinate with Internal Audit Department in relation to accounts, disbursement and payment procedure of the Company in the event where non-compliance with the Company’s policy is detected or suspected.
  3. To establish efficient organization and management structure in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Board of Directors which may include recruitment, training, employment and employment termination of employees who are not a member of the Management or Senior Management. Chief Executive Officer is authorized to sign labor employment agreement on behalf of the Company.
  4. To have power to consider and approve any money spending for investing or operating, borrowing or requesting for any credit facilities from financial institutions, lending and acting as a guarantor for performing normal transactions of the Company within limit not exceeding Bt 20 million or equivalent.
  5. To have other power necessary for the Company’s operations as assigned by the Meeting of the Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee of the Company.
  6. To participate in review of the Company’s budget with the Board of Directors.
  7. To negotiate and review agreements or documents in relation to normal business operations of the Company; give advice and suggestions on such matters for considering, screening and finding summary by the Board of Directors and/or responsible person (s) in that matter.
  8. To assign one or several persons to perform any act on his/her behalf as deemed appropriate, provided that such sub-authorization and/or assignment is subjected to the scope of authorization given under power of attorney and/or in accordance with the rules, requirements or orders where the Board of Directors or Chief Executive Officer can cancel, change or amend such powers.

However, in assigning powers, duties and responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer, it shall not assign or sub-assign any powers, duties and responsibilities in a manner which will allow the Chief Executive Officer can approve transaction in which he/she or the persons who may have conflict of interests, gain and loss, or may have any other conflict of interests with the Company or its subsidiaries (as defined by the Notification of The Securities and Exchange Commission). In approval of the said nature of transaction, the Meeting of the Board of Directors and/or the Meeting of Shareholders shall be proposed (as the case may be) for consideration and approval on such transaction as prescribed by Articles of Association of the Company and subsidiary of the Company, or relevant laws, except where it is the approval of the transaction with normal business condition and clear defined scope.