1) What are PS’s presale and revenue targets in 2017?
In 2017,PS set the presale and revenue target at Bt52,900m and Bt50,200m respectively.
In 2016, PS launched 69 projects with total value of Bt59,700m and the company expects to launch 72 projects with total value of Bt68,000m in 2017.

In 2017, PS applies the policy named “Pruksa 4.0” to achieve the target by;

  • Developing of High Value Added (HVA) products
  • Using digital marketing
  • Applying Home Service Application, E-Construction and Pool construction
  • Restructuring organization to deliver better productivity
At present, PS implements the technologies such as Pruksa Precast, REM, PMC and prefabricated bathrooms to projects for on time delivery.
At the end of 1Q17, PS has the total backlog with value of Bt28,663m and can be accounted for revenue of 2017 with value of Bt14,000m.
The Company’s dividend payment policy of making annual dividend payment to its shareholders twice a year at a rate of not less than 50.0% of the consolidated net profit after deduction of all legal reserves, however, are subject to change depending on the Company’s investment plan, necessities as well as other justifications and considerations that the Board of Directors deems appropriate. In respect of dividend payment policy by the subsidiaries, such subsidiaries will pay dividends to the Company from their net profits. The dividend payment is, however, subject to many factors such as their financial condition and results of operation, liquidity, business expansion and factors related to the operation of their business.